Village youth trained


Hours time dedicated to train the village youth

>500 Youth
(90%F, 10%M)

Actively empowered

>US$ 750,000

Money distributed monthly to rural youths

>750 SMEs

Total users to date

>230 SMEs

Active Users


Wanting to contribute more to the community,

Nofi Bayu Darmawan left his stable life as a civil servant at the Indonesian Ministry of Finance. He realized that many rural youths go to big cities for job opportunities. Considering the opportunities of rapidly growing e-commerce in Indonesia, by leveraging his expertise and experience as an online entrepreneur, he decided to return to his hometown and started to train rural youths around his house with e-commerce skills.

Although facing skeptical responses from some people, he didn't give up. Then some youths started generating income. As a result, people started to acknowledge and support him.

With the support from the people around, Komerce now has been operating for more than 5 years and has established itself as a successful and reliable provider of e-commerce services and solutions.

Through the training provision, we aim to provide rural youth exposure to e-commerce-related job opportunities, enabling them to be empowered and generate income. Through collaboration, online entrepreneurs can empower skilled e-commerce talent to support their businesses.

Komerce trains selected youths with an updated e-commerce curriculum so that they are ready to support online entrepreneurs in optimizing their businesses.

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Skilled talents in the e-commerce field are ready to support SMEs

Remote Collaboration

The talents will work from our working spaces.

Lower Aplication Cost

The SMEs don't need to pay the office rent.

Affordable Salary

As we are located in Purbalingga, a small town, our minimum salary is lower than the ones in the bigger cities.

Flexible Collaboration

The SMEs may add or reduce their talents based on their business growth.

App Monitoring

Easy talent monitoring by using our application. SMEs can check their talent's performance and attendance every day.

Benefits of having collaboration with us

Komerce is the solution for you to build your e-commerce team in a simple way and at an affordable cost. You can collaborate with us anytime and anywhere.


Our dreams

Komerce strives to achieve its big dreams to :


Empower more youths by providing in-demand e-commerce skills.


Become a tech center in Central Java by empowering young skilled tech talents to realize our vision to become an end-to-end e-commerce enabler.



The DBS Foundation Social Enterprise Grant Programme is a competition for social enterprises that want to scale up their business and social and/or environmental impact in Asia especially in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, and Taiwan.

The Impact Hub Fellowship is a topic-focused entrepreneurial idea award and a one-year incubation program designed to attract, select and support impact entrepreneurs and help them realize their innovations for a more sustainable world.


TBN Asia aims to alleviate poverty in Southeast Asia by providing support to enterprises that serve marginalized groups.


A joint initiative of Deloitte and the World Economic Forum inviting educators, entrepreneurs, and innovators to work alongside Deloitte professionals to advance solutions that will support access to a quality education for more of the world’s students.

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Our Team

Chief Operating Officer

Syaefullah Syeif

Chief Executive Officer

Nofi Bayu Darmawan

Chief Technology Officer

Satriyo Budi Utomo